Imran Khan’s Vision: Fears vs Hope

Recently, some of my friends had an interesting little debate on IK’s vision. I would like to share that with you. One of the friend suggested that we should support IK’s vision, which is to make Pakistan a welfare state, break the begging bowl, stand-up to the world for our rights, get out of this war on terror and so on. The other friend critically replied:

“Some politicians win power and do not know what to do with it. Others come to the office determined to change everything and end up doing nothing. Anonymous.

Just compare Imran Khan’s wisdom with others and then decide whom should you support? I am not saying that NS or AZ or any other politician in Pakistan is better than him, but what I am saying is don’t follow/support him, otherwise you will be utterly disappointed. His contribution in Health and Education cannot be denied but him being focussed on power shows that he is not going to change anything i.e. end up doing nothing.”

Here is the reply from another friend of mine:

“In my opinion, the quote is pretty childish. Where does this quote apply by the way? In principal and reality, a politician who wins power knows very well what to do with it, as they are not kids, whether it is NS or AZ or any General.
In Pakistan when people do power shows and do not deliver our hatred may be worth to keep in hearts, but now someone (IK) delivered unprecedentedly without any lust and did power shows, which may be political reflex actions and nothing much. Why are we behaving like “alerted” or projecting 8th grade hopeless quotes? In the current system if you want angels to rule your president office, I bet people of Pakistan would first ask the angel “Can you show us the power of speed of light or bring us some treasures from beneath the earth or first at least show us the power of rain, wind, or may be some would ask about arms etc. and then we will vote you.” I may have dogmatic claims in this reply but I am done with hopelessness. It’s a Kufr Allah says and we do believe in Him. He may have sent some hope in someone. So whom should we follow/support my brothers – our fears or hope. Definitely hope.”

This is the way forward. Keep the hopes alive and forget about the fears stopping us to progress. What is your answer to the above quote? Share it below.

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4 Responses to Imran Khan’s Vision: Fears vs Hope

  1. Adnan says:

    There are many examples of people gaining power and not knowing what to do. Most recent example would be Mr. Obama. His claim was also to bring a change and do a lot of things. His approach was much more realistic than merely stating that “I will end corruption in 7 days”. He gave a complete road map in his run for the president. We all can see what happened when he gained power. He is the most powerless president America has ever had. Reason????

    Reason is that he didn’t know the system that was already in place. You just cannot “change” a system that you don’t know. If you think that Khan can bring change then sure you should vote for him, but I can guarantee you that he cannot bring any industrial revolution or anything like that bcoz he just doesn’t know how a business is run.

    Take example of any developed country. A country that is run by industrialists will always be ahead of any other because country cannot be run like an NGO nor like a “Jageer”.

  2. Zulfiqar Khan says:

    Brothers, as a Muslim I attach more importance to the honesty of a person,and not his wealth or any other quality.Imran Khan is honest,diligent and persevering personality and that is the guarantee for his success in govt.If a person is corrupt, how intelligent he is! will not do nay thing for the common men.The simple question is that PPP and PML(N) remained in power for more than 20 years, what did they do for the common men? They benefitted their own workers ,and nothing else.Imran Khan is the best ; he can bring change ,and not any one else.Imran Khan Zindabad! Vote for PTI only.

  3. Adnan says:

    First of all … In federal pml-n remained in power for only 4 years in total and that too was the time when Pakistan was under severe international restrictions…. But still Pak’s gdp was highest in region in both it’s tenure …. Growth rate in history of Pakistan has never been higher than that period other than Musharraf’s era ….. Dig a lil deeper and see why IK has changed his stances on almost every issue ….. See why corrupt politicians of US were able to build its economy to this extent …. See why Obama has failed …. See how Mahatir Muhammad changed his country ….. And see what IK is saying about financial policies ….. “Tax on foreign remittance” …. He says that it was done so that NS can bring his money from abroad …. What rubbish yaar! Kuch tau criticize karnay se pehle sochna chahiye!

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